Recycling of old tires and technical waste rubber
Criteria of acceptance for old tires AVV 16 01 03

TyresWe deliver old tires and technical waste rubber after previous sorting and shredding to sizes between 25mm and 250mm , mostly to cement plants for thermal recycling. We are also able to provide material recycling for clean, mono-fraction waste rubber (for example EPDM, NBR, SBR). Furthermore, we offer the recycling of textile cord and wires from tires.

We also dispose of contingents of complete tires in thermal and material recycling-sites, for example in pelletizing-companies.

Accepted are:

  • wheelbarrow, bycicle, scooter and motorbike tires
  • car, truck and smaller truck tires
  • tyres from agricultural vehicles
  • tyres from earht-moving machines
  • solid tires
  • silo tires (seperate acceptance)
  • tires with rims (wheels)
  • disrupted and cracked tires, pieces of tires

Tyres from earth-moving machines and solid tyres can only be accepted in small amounts.

As to mono-deliveries please ask for current prices.

Refused are:

  • burnt tires, as well as its sweeping
  • massive adherences of metal (for example thick chains from toys)
  • foam-filled tires (is used as a protection against breakdowns in wheel loaders)
  • concreted old tires (table-columns or obstacle-columns)
  • unvulcanized tires as output from production, which stick down the shredder (please ask seperately for acceptance)

All materials have to be clean and free from contaminants and impurities. If not so, we subject to charge additonal cost for sorting or refuse acceptance. Of course we will consult the supplier via telephone in this case.

Acceptance criteria for technical waste rubber
AVV 19 12 14 oder 07 02 99

Accepted are:

  • Rubber with and without metal and textile adherences; no massive metal compounds!
  • Door seals, moulded components and rubber seals from the car industry
  • Window profiles
  • Cooling hoses
  • Rubbers from washing machines
  • Dummies and medical articles
  • Mats
  • Conveyors with textile and steal deposits without massive metal compounds

Refused are:

  • Unvulcanized materials, repair materials
  • Materials with clorine content above 0,5%
  • Rubber parts with massive metal compounds
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Manure-barrel hoses
  • Industrial hoses
  • Firehose
  • Bucket chain hoses
  • Foam filled rubber from tires

All materials have to be clean and free from contaminations and impurities. If not so, we reserve the right to charge additonal cost for sorting or refuse the acceptance.