We dispose of opportunities to treat and recycle all common types of plastics, including durable plastics and melamines as well as elastomers and waste rubbers.
We purchase and sell these materials.

In different forms and shapes such as lumps, foils, composite materials, furnish or regrinds. Both single-coloured and coloured products.

As to elastomers we are able to recycle vulcanized and non-vulcanized materials. Different types have to be seperated. Especially NBR, SBR and EPDM, naming the most common ones.

We dispose of an own intermediate storage at the Dutch town Kelpen (close to Maastricht) and our own container, drainage and collecting systems. Furthermore, we have opportunities to pack at our own transfer station.

We gladly work out an individual offer for you. In order to do so, we need the following information:

  • Analysis, respectively data sheet (if necessary safety data sheet)
  • Samples and pictures
  • Information about the packaging (loosely in containers, big bags, oktabins, bags etc)
  • Information about the amount and if necessary the EWC-Code
  • In case of composites percental information about the amounts; for example 80% PE and 20% PP
  • Information about the colour
  • Point of origin
  • Singular or continuous amount
  • Asking price

Please directly consult Mr. Paul Hos with your request. His mobile phone number is +31654778673 or e-mail: paulhos@howa-international.com.