Mineral wastes and building materials

Based on a longtime cooperation with many renowned partners in Germany and abroad, we are able to offer you an environmentally sustainable and legally impeccable recycling of various wastes.


  • Biological treatment systems,
  • Thermic treatment systems
  • Physicochemical treatment systems
  • In-Situ-treatments
  • Mechanical treatments
  • Recycling in coal- and salt-mines
  • Employment as secundary fuels in the cement industry
  • Employment at landfills and in recultivation
  • Employment in industrial, street and other building activities

Provided with the access to these treatment systems we are already able to fulfill the guidelines of the new regulation of waste disposal sites today.

Please ask us for the ideal solution to your tasks. We are also pleased to offer you the rehabilitation of entire locations or all-in-one solutions for different types of materials. Up to an asbestos abatement by a specialized enterprise.

It goes without saying that we can also take care of the object of rehabilitation’s accomodation and operation with staff an equipment.

Gladly, we offer you the necessary logistics. No matter if silo, dumper, container or walking-floor transports. We find the proper solution.

You need sand, gravel, clay, slag, soil or building materials? Suitable materials for soil stabilization or as cement substitutions? Please, contact us.

On our starting page you will find analysis and information about our building materials in the register data-sheets in the right column.