The company Howa BV was founded in 1975 at the Dutch town Susteren by Paul Hos and Ria Wackers. Throughout the first years of its existence, the company’s focus was put on the domains of recycling of demolition wood, plastic recycling and the recycling of mineral wastes. Also, trading with plastic products from regrids played its part.

At the beginnin of the 80’s, Paul Hos turned as one of the first entrepreneurs in the Netherlands towards the energetic recycling of industrial wastes in German cement plants. The patnership with Essent NV, Wijster and Portalndzementwerk Wittekind, Erwitte, was a guideline for many companies who followed this example.

This way was continued consistently in the 80’s and 90’s. Even today, the companies of the Howa group are based on the recycling of industrial and municipal wastes.

Today, Howa supplies cement and lime works, coal fired-, biomass- and secondary fuel power stations, Public Incinerators and industrial firing plants with defined secondary fuels of all kinds. Fluff and pellets from industrial wastes, sewage-sludges, dry and wet, rubber and old tires, demolition wood, industrial wood pellets, organic waste and biofuels, in order to name a few.

The recycling of mineral wastes, such as slags, filter dusts, soils, industrial sludges, sorting sands, sieve-vests, shredder fractions is continusously expanded and connected with international partners.

Innovations such as the production of synthesized diesel of the second generation or the torrification from organic waste products, the recycling of contamined plastics into regrinds, the comminution of wastes into industrial fuels will perhaps change our company’s character in the following years – however, the people in our company and the relationship to our partners and clients will remain the same.